MontanaGrow Silica Amendment


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MontanaGrow is 76% amorphous silicon proven to increase:

Plant Cell Wall Strength


Disease Resistance

Flood Tolerance

Nutrient Balance

UV Tolerance

Carbon Sequestration

Drought and Salt Tolerance

High & Low Temperature Tolerance

Blocking of Heavy Metal Uptake

Alleviate Biotic Stress

MontanaGrow silicon strengthens plant cells from roots to shoots, helping to repel insects.

Alleviate Abiotic Stress

Plants survive and thrive through frost and heat events allowing for a longer growing season.

Great Organic Input Option

Food grown with MontanaGrow can be certified organic, is healthier, and more nutrient dense.

MontanaGrow Volcanic Tuff Additional Benefits

Revitalize Soil and Improve Plant Health

Moderate pH Acts as a Buffer

High Cation Exchange Capacity

Increased Ability to Hold Moisture

3.5 on the MOHS Hardness Scale

Chemical Free Will Not Burn Plants

Does Not Run-off or Leach

Reduces Nitrogen Volatility

Improves Phosphorus Availability

Unique Source of Silicon Result of Ancient Pyroclastic Flow

Mined from a rare deposit of silicon rich, non-crystalline volcanic tuff formed over 30 million years ago by a pyroclastic flow.

Has a rich amorphous content that contains over 76% SiO2 providing a natural source of plant available silicon (silicic acid).

Porosity Unlike Any Other Silicon Source

Extremely porous, weathers easily, and provides immediate and gradual release of plant available silicon.

Reacts dynamically with other minerals and nutrients to address critical soil and plant deficiencies.

Amorphous, non-crystalline silicon and is not a hazardous or harmful material. Click below for safety data sheet.