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Investment opportunity!

We are considering several options to bring on another operating partner, and will consider other offers for partnership.  Please read below for highlights and accomplishments at Green Dragon and Four Seas Learning Center!

  • Green Dragon Hydroponics has been in business since 2016, with long term customers who continue to shop here from the pre-existing indoor gardening store at this location going back to 2008.
  • We have remained the Tri-State’s leader since opening our doors, with incredible support from the community from Deleware to New York.
  • Our location was scouted by local political interest to establish a dispensary at our exact location.  A license or active application would be needed to pursue proper zoning but through our research there is support locally and the location is ideal on RT 130 right across the Walt Whitman bridge from Philly.  
  • We are in a brand new and emerging market that has enormous growth potential over the next 10-15 years. 
  • We have accounts and great relationships locally and nationally with all major wholesale distributors and popular independent companies.
  • Our big box competition has already offered to buy the store, which we chose to pass due to conflicting moral agendas.
  • We have become an iconic meeting point for people from all over the tri-state, many who drive 3 hours or more to visit or attend events.  
  • We have ALL of the best growers shopping with us!  Hands down the most solid individuals who we align with and wish to continue to serve through new ownership.  
  • We offer something incredibly unique, locally historical, irreplaceable, and what has separated us from any competition in the space! Our store has evolved naturally and organically into the Four Seas Learning Center, with a community priority and education model that is sustainable, not just profit driven!   
  • We are fully staffed and supported through contributor and community support, a true grass roots shop with character and class proudly embattled through the pandemic and economic depression by relying on a business model that cares about the plant and community it serves!

Please set aside some time with the owner by scheduling below!  The $40 scheduling fee is to deter anyone who is simply curious.  Please take time to understand this is something that will take either an investor or a fair amount of capital to retain ownership.  We do not wish to respond to any further questions or public comments on the price or personal reasons for choosing to sell the business until scheduling this time.  We appreciate  everyone who has supported us through the years, and no matter what intend on continuing as a member and support to the community which we have built here!  Thank you all for your continued support through the years!