Mite Predator – Phytoseiulus persimilis PLUS

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Effective control of two spotted spider mites! Release Phytoseiulus persimilis PLUS at first sign of mite infestation. Once leaf damage is serious, more than 4 mites per leaf, achieving control is more difficult. For heavy infestations, remove the most affected plants and use a knock-down spray (see Neem Oil). Wait 48 hours after application of a knockdown spray to release predatory mites.

P. persimilis PLUS are reared in an innovative way to include mobile mites (adults and juveniles) PLUS eggs in each bottle. Unlike traditional P. persimilis, P. persimilis PLUS arrives pale and changes to orange/red after predation on pest mites begin.

The various life stages provide both immediate control and ongoing treatment as the mites mature. Mobile P. persimilis feeds on egg, nymph and adult stages of pest mites upon dispersal. Apply in areas where pests are present. Eggs mature in about a week (at temps between 70-80 °F).

Optimum Temperature and Humidity: 68-90°F (20-27°C) and 60-90% Relative Humidity

The above conditions are optimal and P. persimilis can be successful outside of those ranges; however, reproduction, development and activity levels can all be reduced. Increase humidity by moistening soil or use a cool-mist vaporizer around plants in enclosed areas.

Release Rates: Some crops, including tomatoes & other highly resinous crops, require higher release rates.