BuildASoil Beauveria Bassiana – Water Soluble

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BuildASoil BB-WS with active ingredient Beauveria bassiana, is a natural, symbiotic fungus that lives in the soil, roots, stems, and leaves. BB-WS grows with the plant!

BuildASoil BB-WS blends food grade and certified organic products with Beauveria bassiana. Many certifiers have determined compliance with organic standards. Contact your certifier to add BB-WS to your plan.

BuildASoil Beauveria Bassiana:

Active Ingredient: Beauveria bassiana 1.1%

Carrier: Soy Bean oil (organic simmons) 98.4%

Carrier: Penetrate 50 (omri listed wetting agent/yucca extract) .5%

Plant Isolate – THIS IS NOT HF23 – We offer a multiple strain mixture all isolated from plants. (Beans)

Activity includes:

Stimulation of immune system

Restricts plant pathogens from entering the plant

Interacts with plant to produce additive biochemicals

Combines plant resistance to insect feeders for reducing population threat

Naturally occurs in soil but has been killed off by fungicides and tillage

Directions for use:

Garden: 1/2 – 1ml per gallon water

Potting Soil: 1ml Per Cubic Yard

Acreage: 1 ounce per acre

Apply as foliar spray or soil drench

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