Venerate CG

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Effective Bioinsecticide & Miticide For Broad Spectrum Pest Control On Agricultural Crops In Fields & Greenhouses!

Venerate uses killed cells of the Burkholderia spp. strain A396 and spent fermentation media to control insects in fields and greenhouses. It works within several modes of action: It's toxic when ingested, degrades insect exoskeletons and interferes with the molting process. Any one of those can cause mortality in target pests; but Venerate combines them for maximum control. These modes of action also reduce risk of target insects developing resistance making it effective as part of Insect Resistance Management programs.

Venerate offers broad spectrum control against a wide range of foliar feeding insects and plant feeding mites. These include aphids, beetles, whiteflies, russet mites, thrips, leafhoppers, stink bugs, lygus bugs and more. It is effective against both adults and nymphs.