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Turkey Bags

$25.95$94.00 + Tax

Made of FDA and EU-approved food-grade, heat-resistant nylon, BirdBags are both recyclable and eco-friendly! BirdBags can withstand temperatures up to 450°F making them great for conventional ovens, microwaves, and even slow cookers. BirdBags can even be boiled and/or frozen! Cooking meat or poultry in these oven bags helps retain moisture and flavor, maintaining your food's juicy qualities without the hassle of basting. BirdBags make cleaning up a breeze without leaving behind messy, greasy pots or pans to scrub. BirdBags are also excellent for storing fresh herbs and other plants, fruits, and vegetables!

Oven Safe

BirdBags heat-resistant nylon construction allow them to withstand oven temperatures up to 450°F. They can even be boiled!

Microwave Safe

BirdBags are great for use in conventional ovens, slow cookers, and are also safe for use in your home microwave.

Freezer Safe

While being acceptionally heat-resistant, BirdBags are also safe for both short and long-term storage in freezers.


All Clear Turkey Bags

100 Bags/Pack

Food Grade

Heat Resistant

Oven Safe

Microwave Safe

Freezer Safe

FDA Approved

EU Approved

BPA Free

Bag Construction: Nylon

Bag Dimensions: 19" x 23.5"

Bag Volume: TBD

Temperature Rating: 450°F