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Smokus Focus Eclipse – Mason Jar Display Lid

SKU: M762799

$44.00 + Tax

Fits any standard Wide-Mouth Mason Jar

LED Lighting with Magnification

Smell Plug

Airtight Seal with Extra Thick Silicon Gasket

USB-C Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery

Jar not included

The Smokus Focus Quasar is for all of our “mason jar fanatics” out there. With the Quasar lid, you can continue to utilize your beloved mason jars while being able to experience Smokus Focus’ magnifying, lighting, and smell vent features! In other words, our airtight stash jar lid is about to make all of your age-old mason jars a whole lot cooler.

Not only does the Smokus Focus Quasar lid fit any standard-sized mason jar, but its magnification, smelling vent, and brilliant LED lighting is what makes this airtight stash jar lid perform better than the rest. Utilizing Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries along with a USB-C charger, owners have the ability to easily recharge the Quasar anytime it’s needed. The Quasar’s stainless steel exterior, along with its ergonomic and rubberized handle, allows for removing and handling flowers in the easiest way possible.

With the Quasar technology, growers now have the ability to showcase their flowers without taking them out of the jar. The Quasar’s smell vent allows customers to smell the flower without opening the jar or touching the buds! It’s the 21st century, time to spice up those mason jars “Smokus Focus style!”

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