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Rove Beetle – Fungus Gnat and Thrip Predator

SKU: 124943J

$59.40 + Tax

Rove Beetles are a soil-dwelling general predator that feeds on the larvae of fungus gnats, shore fly, moth fly and pupae of thrips and springtails. There is evidence that Rove Beetles will also provide some control for root aphids.

Benefits of Rove Beetles:

Effective between 55°-90° F. Provide protection for more pests at lower temperatures than S. scimitus.

Prefer humidity between 50-80%. Ideal for greenhouses and controlled environments.

Known for aggressive feeding and reproduction rates. Both larvae and adults are predatory.

Highly mobile in the soil and adults can fly from plant to plant.

Winged adults have high dispersal and colonization rates allowing them to quickly establish populations in various growing media. Once established, this behavior allows Rove Beetle populations to combat fluctuating pest infestations without reintroduction. Adults are a brown-black color, 3 – 4 mm long, winged beetles. Larvae are thin, pale yellow and darken in the later larval stages. Rove Beetles live around 21 days at 70°.

This Product Controls These Pests or Diseases: Shore flies, Ephydridae; Fungus gnats, Sciaridae; Root Aphids; Western flower thrips, Frankliniella occidentalis

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