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Hydrogen Peroxide 34%

$22.00$49.50 + Tax


Three reasons why Hydrogen Peroxide is Good for Hydroponics.

Increases the amount of nutrients your plants can absorb.

Perfect for cleaning and sanitizing your system.

Speeds up seed germination.

What Is Chemboys Hydrogen Peroxide 34%?

Hydrogen peroxide also known as liquid oxygen is essentially water with one more weakly attached oxygen molecule–instead of H2O, you get H2O2.

Can I Use Chemboys Hydrogen Peroxide 34% With Other Chemicals?

Yes, you can use Chemboys Hydrogen peroxide with other chemicals if you follow the instructions on the package or those provided by your distributor or supplier. Always read labels carefully before mixing any chemicals together.

Where Is Chemboys Hydrogen Peroxide 34% Used?

Chemboys 34% Hydrogen Peroxide is an extremely strong oxidizing agent. It has a wide range of uses in gardens and hydroponics.

In the garden, peroxide can be sprayed or poured on plants or in the soil to kill fungus, bacteria, and bugs.

In Hydroponics it can be used to increase oxygen in your water source leading to increased nutrient uptake.

Hydrogen peroxide easily decomposes, releasing its two oxygen molecules into the reservoir water, thus increasing its oxygen content.

Oxygen is a critical factor in how well your plants absorb nutrients. Even if your hydroponic solution has the perfect balance of every nutrient, your plants can’t access them if oxygen levels are too low.

Hydrogen Peroxide 34% Chemboys Packaging

All packages are properly packed and sealed in safe packaging for your protection.

Where Is Chemboys Hydrogen Peroxide 34% Made?

All of our products are designed and manufactured in the United States (USA).

Keep it stored up in a cool, well-ventilated location. For more information, consult the MSDS and be sure to follow your local regulatory agency’s specific storage and handling regulations.

Use Within one year of purchase. See our MSDS for more details.