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Grow Dots

SKU: RGD-pouch

$8.75 + Tax

For strong vegetative growth, Grow Dots release 75% of their High Nitrogen nutrients in the first 45 days.

Then, they transition to a Phosphorus and Potassium dominant “Bloom Formula” that lasts for your entire flowering period.

Calcium and Magnesium slow release for the full grow cycle, giving you strong and healthy plants.

Designed to phase out and auto-flush your soil at the end of each grow cycle.

Perfect for new growers and busy growers who don't have the time to spend all day in their gardens.

One application lasts an entire 16-week grow cycle

Programmed release NPK for both Veg and Bloom

Nitrogen and Phosphorus for leafy greens and stronger roots

Phosphorus and Potassium for fuller flowers

Calcium and magnesium for stronger plants during the full grow cycle

Reduces waste from fertilizer run-off

Built-in auto-flush

From the makers of Recharge

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