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EZ XY Plant DNA Sex Test Kit

$49.50$132.00 + Tax

EZ-XY Sample Collection Kit.

Testing and Results are included in the Kit Price.

Plant sex testing. Know the sex of your plant at just 7 days old. Test a plant any time before flowering to save your grow time and money! Nationwide and international shipping available.

Samples do not need to be returned all at once. Return samples and receive results in any increment you like. Samples must be free of dirt and chemicals (i.e. take your samples before applying any foliar sprays).

Each Kit includes an Envelope for tissue or sample storage, and a Tag for your plant. Kits and samples must be returned to the lab for analysis. Results sent via e-mail typically within 1-2 business days after lab receipt.

DNA "Smash" Collection Cards (Smash Cards) are optional.

Most customers submit a 1 cm to 1 inch cut of a healthy leaf tip or similar plant tissue. Alternatively, smash cards may be used instead of testing the leaf sample directly. The smash cards are an optional step in the sample collection process. To use the smash cards, a piece of plant material is smashed into the paper, transferring the DNA. Excess leaf or plant material is then scraped off and discarded. Smash cards require more work to process in the lab, therefore, we ask if they are necessary.