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Big Foot Mycorrhizae- Granular

$13.20$48.40 + Tax

Our Big Foot blend is a new take on mycorrhizae. Most products on the market don’t utilize all of their potential. We created Big Foot to be efficient. During the first stage of development, we started to experiment with the carriers of our product. It was quickly discovered that we could utilize our carrier as a powerful tool. This was the “lightbulb” moment for us. We replaced most of the traditional inert carriers found in other products with carriers that actually stimulate and promote the mycorrhizae. This has been a game changer. By combining the world’s most powerful mycorrhizae and high performing ingredients as the carrier, Big Foot has mycorrhizae colonization levels that are unrivaled.


Spread Granular evenly around the bottom and sides of the planting hole. Ensure thorough coverage of product to maximize root contact.

Planting: Sprinkle ¼ tbsp of granular around the planting hole. Place plant into the planting hold and backfill with soil.

Mix with soil: Mix 3 tbsp of granular per cubic foot. Mix 3-4 lbs of granular per cubic yard of soil.