Gavita Master Controller EL1 – Gen 2

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Product Description

The Gavita Master Controller EL3 is the next generation in our EL controller series, designed to maximize the performance of your compatible fixtures. The EL3 enables you to set sunrise/sunset dimming, high-temperature dimming, and high-temperature shut-off for all connected fixtures. Best of all, the EL3 lets you build and program entire schedules for your growing cycles. When using a compatible Gavita or Sun System LED fixture, you will be able to view at the individual fixture level, how each one is performing.

8-inch touchscreen interface
Controls up to 512 fixtures
Easily updatable via USB
Spray feature dims lights to help protect against crop burn during spray applications
Data logging saves setting history for trend and performance data
The Gavita Master Controller EL1 and EL2 are entry-level systems for centrally controlling large rooms with e-series fixtures. These controllers feature improved and expanded functionality that raises the bar.

High-temperature dimming and safety feature shut-off
Event logging
Independent sunrise and sunset settings
Independent light cycles and Programmable External Contactor Modules (ECMs) on the EL2

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